At Tundra Transfer, we use a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis process and bottling machine to purify and bottle our brand of water into 18.9L (5gal) jug. First, we run our water, locally sourced from Yellowknife River, through a 6 stage reverse osmosis filtering process to purify it. Then we use our bottling machine to clean and sanitize each bottle before it is filled with our purified water and capped. All bottles are loaded onto palettes to ensure each bottle is handled properly. Last, we use our hand bottler to fill our smaller round jugs and fridge packs with our brand of water for your convenience.
Tundra Transfer also offers bags of cubed ice and blocks of ice. All of our ice is made from our purified water which allows it to stay frozen much longer and is safe to drink after melting. It won’t change the taste of your drinks which makes it the perfect choice for parties, camping trips, and everyday use.