Looking to join our team?

Tundra Transfer offers a stable and steady workplace for people committed to bettering their future. We are committed to helping all of our staff members further themselves, take care of themselves and their families, succeed in any position they choose, and allow flexibility when life happens.
Below is a list of positions potentially open/available along with the position description. Some positions require a valid drivers license and a driving record will be requested upon interview. All positions require the ability to lift 18.9L water bottles (45+lbs), which will be tested upon interview.
If you are interested in apply to join our team please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Currently there are no open positions available. Check back in the future for any openings.

Accounting Assistant

Watch the front end of the shop when needed; Create Invoices; Contact accounts for inquires, product requests, and account payments; Take customer/account payments; Enter and organize daily clerical paperwork

Delivery Truck Driver

Deliver coffee products to variety of customers, accounts, and businesses in the Yellowknife area; Bring freight and bottles of water to airports and some outlying communities; Run pickup and delivery for packages and/or goods requested from customers/accounts; Write paper invoice slips for all deliveries
*Job requires valid driver’s license*

Front End Clerk

Greet and help customers in-store, over the phone, as well as over email; Carry water bottles to vehicles for customers; Stock the showroom; Retrieve product from the warehouse upon customer request; Clean and close the store at the end of the day

Junior Technician

Fix and clean coffee, water, juice, slush, etc. machines; Respond to repair requests in a timely manner; Write up paper invoices for repairs; Travel to businesses to make repairs to machine unable to be brought to the shop
*Job requires valid driver’s license*

Warehouse Janitor

Sweep and clean the warehouse; Clean bathrooms; Organize and rotate palettes of bottled water; Bottle the 18.9L water bottles with the bottler machine

Water Truck Driver

Deliver bottles of water to businesses and residential addresses including up multiple flights of stairs; Write paper invoices for each delivery; Replace certain water cooler parts when repairs are needed including sleeves of cups
*Job requires valid driver’s license*