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coffee beans, ground coffee & coffee equipment


wide range of tea, including loose leaf tea & Inuit Tea


fresh Clear Arctic Springs water & water coolers

Drinks for anytime of day

Want a jolt of caffeine to start your day? Need an evening pick-me-up without having to worry about staying up all night? Maybe some purified water to help with digestion? We got you.


Beverages for any occasion

Freight Shipping

Did you know we can also help you ship your packages?

Tundra Transfer was transformed from freight expediters to merchants of fine imported coffee and pure, clean water, but we never forget our origins as freight handlers. If you need something shipped to any of our service regions in the Northwest Territories just give us a shout and we can arrange to ship your packages on our own trucks or through on of the air delivery services that serve your area. Make sure to speak with us to sort out all the details first.


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Coffee, Tea, Hot Beverages & More

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Home & Office Equipment

Restaurant, office, & break room supplies

We boast a large variety of coffee and tea equipment for home, office and retail use. We support that component of Tundra Coffee with a talented tech department. We count on them for so much beyond the myriad of brewers, slush machines and coolers we supply, but also to manage and maintain our reverse-osmosis water plant. So if you need your break room supplied or bottled water for your water cooler delivered we got you covered. We also have special rates for wholesale purchases, so contact us for special pricing if you are looking to buy in bulk.